Live music is our passion. And the number one way fans find out about upcoming shows is from each other. GETn2it is a social concert calendar app built for local markets and venues to amplify the local music scene.

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Give ‘em a reason to stick around for the encore. Adding GETn2it to your existing website is the easy way to socialize your music calendar and engage live music fans in your market.

  • Amplify local live music
  • Drive fans to discover, engage, share, buy and come back for more

Music Marketplace Nirvana

Alternative Newsweeklies are the heart of the local music scene, connecting fans with music and venues. GETn2it was developed to bring order to chaos and provide a live music marketplace that integrates the most comprehensive artist, venue and event data available.

GETn2it is a social concert calendar that connects your readers with local, live music, making it simple for them to:

  • Browse upcoming concerts
  • Discover the hottest new bands
  • Watch artist videos
  • Listen to and buy music tracks
  • Purchase event tickets
  • Share picks with friends
  • Influence people to attend more concerts

Connection to fans is real-time, more comprehensive, substantially faster and less complicated than any current concert discovery app. Fans access GETn2it at your website and connect with their friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare, MySpace, email and coming soon, mobile phone.

Artist Discovery
Recognizes time spent discovering artists

Event Promotion
Recognizes the action of creating and sharing My Picks and Comments

Recognizes the acquisition of followers

Rock Star
Recognizes activity of followers (listens, friend of friend re-shares, track/ticket purchases from Tastemaker’s share of My Picks)

Live Music Evangelism - Hallelujah!

Identify and recognize the true live music evangelists in your market and build an online community with your publication at the center. Game mechanics design is employed to make the live music discovery experience fun, compelling and social.

But this is no game. It’s not about the badges. It’s about status and being recognized as someone who advocates live music and amplifies the local music scene. GETn2it creates a connected community where friends discover and socialize live music. Influencers are recognized and earn tastemaker “Rock Star” status.

Your existing writers and editors can become evangelists, too. Extend their reach by having them create their own My Picks pages to recommend who’s coming, what to see and why. Much like a following on Twitter, your writers have a new platform to recommend shows, engage readers and gain Followers interested in upcoming events.

Crank It Up

Go live in a matter of days. GETn2it is designed to include your site header, navigation, footer and right-rail area to serve up and maximize your ad impressions.

Mo’ Money, No Problem

When fans buy, you earn. The GETn2it affiliate marketing program puts referral commissions in your pocket for every qualified ticket and fully-licensed audio track purchase.

GETn2it has partnered with a growing list of the top ticket sellers in North America, providing you with the biggest opportunity to earn commission from tickets and audio tracks sold through your social concert calendar. And since this is a referral marketing service, the buyer is purchasing tickets directly from the original ticket seller; there are no additional or hidden fees or redirects to ticket re-sellers.

There is no cost to set-up and use GETn2it. A print publication ad is required to market your Social Concert Calendar. See the ads here.

See It In Action.

Check out live sites using the GETn2it app.

Get Real. GETn2it.

Your live music calendar has never been easier or more fun to use. Plug in today and keep influential live music fans spending time and engaging on your website. Don’t just report on the music scene - GETn2it.

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What Are We All About?

Our mission is simple: influence more people to see live music.

We bring order to the chaos of who’s playing where and when, helping everybody from artists to venues to local media and fans maximize upcoming event awareness and attendance.

GETn2it is a patent-pending web and mobile concert discovery app and friend recommendation platform. When embedded on alt weekly, local media and venue websites, GETn2it uses the reach of social networks to promote upcoming live music events and of course, sell more tickets.

Our mobile platform includes event discovery, location-based marketing and unparalleled real-time social connection between fans, venues, artists and local media.

Live Music as a Service™

On any given day there are 15,000 artists booked to play 80,000 upcoming events at 87,000 venues. Our patent pending Live Music as a Service technology platform merges comprehensive info about local live music within the GETn2it Social Concert Calendar.

We combine venue, event and ticket purchase pages with licensed media from 450,000 artists, 20 million audio tracks and 150,000 videos into the most comprehensive live music marketplace in the market. While the app is built for global scale and connectivity, it is deployed to support local markets.

This easy-to-implement app lets alt weeklies and venues galvanize the local music scene by increasing social buzz, event awareness and ultimately, attendance. We’re bringing people, publications, venues and artists together… shouldn’t you GETn2it?

Friends of the Band

“Comprehensive,” “compelling,” “legally obtained” and “always available” are the words behind our key phrase: it has to be live music authentic. We have built a network of content, ticket solutions, advertising, killer app developers and music industry providers to deploy an authentic live music discovery experience for fans. If you have a service or content that we should include, please contact us to GETn2it.

Here are a few of our friends and providers:

7digital Next Big Sound the echo nest
Ticketfly hfa Avantia

The Team

The Founders, our Board, employees and investors have been attending live music events for decades. We play in bands, work in venues, promote events, work as live music photographers, build shows, design software, support local markets, invest in alt weekly publications, own digital publishing content management solutions, and use social media in new and innovative ways. But most importantly, we have a passion for building vibrant local live music scenes. We get it and we's who we are.


Todd Evans President & Co-Founder
Jamie Waddell, Co-Founder

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We're headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and more than a few epic nights at live shows.

Send us an email, give us a call or text … we want to hear from you!

Our market readiness team hard at work at the Historic Rialto Theatre in Downtown Tucson, AZ